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Boston Express Delivery
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Legal Courier Services

BED provides all types of service for Boston area law firms.

Rush court filings: We know where all the City, State, County and Federal courthouses and offices are located throughout New England as well as their deadlines for filings. We ensure that your delivery gets there on time, and all documents get date stamped properly & returned to your office.

Boston Express Delivery provides expert service to the legal profession in the Boston area.

Trial exhibit delivery: Boston Express Delivery will deliver all of your materials for you when you are at court, promptly and professionally. We make sure that you are all set up well prior to the beginning of the trial, and are there as soon as it is over for any items that need returning. That includes delivery of exhibits of all kinds. It is all handled by couriers who have been doing this for years. We don’t leave anything to chance.

Boston Express Delivery has been providing courier services for Law firms in Boston since 1990. Your delivery will be given the same attention whether you are a one person law office or part of a major firm with hundreds of attorneys. Prompt direct delivery is provided by seasoned legal couriers who realize that they are representing your firm, and will conduct themselves accordingly.